The Timeless legacy

The Unique Recognition “Oriental Victorian” architecture styles
which have been crafted by the master artisans and elaborately designed on your own will.

Starts 73.5 MB*


The owner of 5 world class honours awards

Every legend has its beginning

Inspired by the original patterns from Siamese Mansions and Palaces.
Introducing the Royal Residence House legacy that live to tell the tales of your family.

Oriental Victorian Series

World Class recognition, Everlasting beauty

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Contemporary Series

Heavenly Rhythm passing through time

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Oriental Victorian Series

The absolutely superlative combination between Thai-Europe architecture that superbly graceful through
time since King Rama V. Delicately exquisite in every inch of details including extraordinary relaxation in resort “Tropical style”
with high level of windows and roof to seize the surrounding orientation, sunlight and wind, amid an elegant scenery.

Royal Earl (C)
The Noble Splendour

House size starts 711 Sq.m.

Royal Duke (D)
The Ultimate Grandeur

House size starts 960 Sq.m.


House size starts 536 Sq.m.

Contemporary Series

The Modernization of design meets the satisfactory perfection of function
along with an admirably contemporary architecture. Beyond the expectation with a stunning appearance of house
concept design combined together with an advisably deserving function for living, reflecting the identity of dweller precisely.


House size starts 489 Sq.m.


House size starts 533 Sq.m.

The Royal Club

The ultimate relaxation with the best quality functions & facilities at ‘The Royal Club’.

Splendour place over 3,000 square meters.

Provided the finest health club with an elegant greenery among natural atmosphere.

Find the peaceful place located in Bangkok.

Suitably spending more good time for family lifestyle with luxurious decoration.

Fulfilling special memorable moment in every occasion.


The Ultimate Investment in the
Mega Project of Nawamin City Masterplan
...The Royal Resident

“The Royal Residence” located in the future growth area under the Mega Project of Nawamin City Masterplan.

Selecting the right property for your future and pass legacy through generation

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